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7 Tips to Learning


Learning is an ongoing process. Once you start learning, it is difficult to stop. It is like an addiction which grows over you as the time passes. Some things are learnt by experience while the other are learnt by doing it. Here are the 7 tips to keep you learning.

  1. Set up your learning conditions:

Learning should be fun. It should make you relaxed as well as alert. Clear up your mind and settle down first. Be calm like water. For this you can take help of some music (words can distract you, so instead of going for a song, go for instrumentals).

  1. Communicate with yourself:

Learning is a relative thing. When you relate your past experience with the present one, you learn to associate it and remember it in a better way. The more you will enjoy learning, the richer and appropriate associations you will make.

  1. Communicate with others:

The more you share, the more you learn. Engage into discussion, ask question, solve doubts of others. After all, world is better when you care, when you share. There is ‘no’ best method for learning. The method which suits you is best!

  1. Stop when in doubt:

Think about, ‘Are you doing for the sake of it must be done?’ If yes, then stop; you are compromising with your work and learning. On the other flip, when you that the work should be done; why you not should try to innovate and make it fun? (good idea, right!).

  1. Break through:

When something becomes just a routine, you tend to de-value it. You will hate it or be afraid of it. As you know, there are different ways of doing the same work. Try one and make it fun. Just as the child plays with his toys, play with your work.

  1. Writing a Learning log:

A learning log includes important websites, quotes, references, mind maps, etc. It is customised and you can use it write down your learning. This will help you to keep track of yourself.

  1. Formula QSR3:

This means ‘Question, Survey, Read, Review and Recite.’ Question things which you want to know; ask it to yourself and others; read about it; critically think about it by reviewing it and lastly repeat the process until you learn it. It is not compulsory to use all the steps. Use it as per the importance.

“Go, get your learncrush today!”




How to believe in yourself?


Once in a while we do hear ‘believe in yourself’, but from where does this belief come from? Belief is a set of things that we accept; maybe consciously or unconsciously. This ‘belief’ arises due to a stimuli which then invokes our feeling and emotion to form a behaviour.

Our belief gives rise to imagination. We often imagine things that we long for. But the fact is; we misuse this imagination and create bad unwanted scenarios in our mind. These things pull us down from becoming who we are and who we want to be. We have to try to take it in a positive direction.


It is easy to imagine yourself as successful as it to imagine failure. There is a win win situation. How? Well, when we imagine ourselves successful, we give ourselves the unbound power to do and get things in the way we want it to be.

On the other hand, when we are able to imagine failure, we can be better prepared; think of almost all the worst outcomes and plan strategically. This planning can happen only when we can look beyond the fear of failure. The concept ‘believe in yourself’ makes you to realise your true worth and let’s you to overcome your fears.

The problem is not the fear, but the hype of that fear. It is mostly because you surrender yourself to negative self-talk. Just imagine yourself as a magnifying glass. Believe that the sun-kissed rays are falling on you i.e. magnifying glass.

The only thing you need to do is concentrate. Concentrate on thing that are good and burn out all the negative ones by your reflection. This inner power will give the strength and direction to believe. Lastly be faithful to the end. You want results, you will get it.

Things to takeaway:

1. Clear your mind. Be still like water.
2. Imagine the reality that you want to wish.
3. Respond because actions confirms reaction.

Passion for action: A child with a flute

Looking at the cover picture, we can draw a very beautiful message. The child is playing the flute which shows his passion towards music; towards learning something new. Expressing his emotions through his tune. It is making him relaxed.
He isn’t inclined towards “SOCIAL SHOW-OFF” but in fact he is concerned with developing his own skill and art.

Similarly the small kitten, shows the attribute of concentration and focus, as if it wants to learn and enjoy such a thing. 
However the most important message symbolized in the picture is about “YOUNG AGE”.
As one can understand, that the best time to start, develop and to learn is CHILDHOOD, so it is the duty of the parents to cultivate at least one positive hobby in their children, to shape up for the betterment of their children. It is necessary to plan a child’s future, from their childhood by keeping in mind a child’s interest.
Now-a-days the parents spend a lot of money on primary education, they pamper their child a lot.  However, many a times they fail to analyse the actual actions that are needed to be taken. They also fail to understand what a child really wants. They fail to teach their child the real worth.
It is necessary to promote the interest and appreciate the hobbies of a child, which indeed can build a ‘Brilliant Future’.

It is necessary to take care of the ‘all round development of a child’, only going along with the big brand schools cannot help. It is necessary to tell your child that his hobbies are not mere hobby. It is a part of his personality. 

The other message that the picture reflects is that to possess a heart of a child; always be ready to learn, and have an endless passion. Because this passion will keep you alive!

P.S. Remember, “Passion keeps you in action.”

Shut up and be silent! The magic of silence


A common man will respond to the things said but a wise will understand beyond words. Today, the most critical problem we are facing is communication. We speak but merely understand. We have lost the feel, the value of words. It has become just a speaking tool for us. We want to be heard but do not want to listen. We want to shout and play the blame game but do not want to accept. Our egos are playing much stronger role than our humbleness.

Let’s put all this aside and think of the days when we were young. There was a magic in that childhood. Yes, despite of some hardships, we were happy. All we valued was happiness; that warmth to be with each other. We communicated right from our hearts. We were inculcated with values of what to say and what not to.

Now, as a grown up kids, we are distancing ourselves from all these values. We know what to say and what not to, then where is that critical analysis? Isn’t it better that we keep some silence? Give everyone around us some space. Try to understand the silence that lies beyond words.


And how about constructive silence? Haven’t heard about it lately? Well, when we are able to establish our silence on a positive note to make people understand our message behind our silence is ‘constructive silence’. It encourages you to think about speaking only things that are useful. So basically, your thoughtful silence will avoid damaging and unpleasant words.

Obviously one needs to develop constructive silence by using strategies. Strategies like think, “Whatever I am saying is it nice?” If not, avoid those harsh words. Sometimes one does not need advice but someone to listen. Be that someone. Observe how people speak and respond, you will be able to absorb more information. Don’t just speak because others are speaking. You want to make an impact, not just a noise. Feel free to come up with your own strategy.

P.s. Think before you speak.

How your strength and weakness can give you a chill?


We can become hawk-eyed when we know about our strength and weakness. Why I am saying this?

This is because of the fact that we are self-aware and better prepared.  We are able to think of almost all the worst scenario. Be chilled out even at the time of crisis by having a plan for a situation in accordance to our skill. But how this thinking of scenario takes place?

  1. Past is a great teacher

Recognize your past blind spots. Blind spots are those spots due to which your planning was hindered. In this way, you will come up with a list of weaknesses and strategically work upon them. Analyze what steps you took by creating your learncrush instruction guide. Also analyze the skills that other people have at picking up weaknesses and acting on them. In this way, your journey will prove to be beneficial.


  1. Present is your moment

Think of the important signals that you can rationalize away. In simple words, think logically about what and how a situation can be handled. Note your mistakes, criticisms and advice (by others and you about yourself) carefully. Why? These are the doorway to improvement. When you will start noticing and noting, your mind starts processing. You will stay alert and at the same time chill.

  1. Future is your vision

What future beholds cannot be fully imagined. But yes, we can imagine the future surprises that can hurt or help us. This applies when we are fully aware of our strength and weakness. We should question ourselves, “Is there any unthinkable scenario that might disrupt us?” This question will keep us conscious about our surroundings, the people we care about and ourselves.


Your learncrush of the day:

Technology can create and/or destroy something. It depends on us constructively we can use it. In our case, we will use technology to develop our strength and weakness. It can be a great source for being hawk-eyed.  Follow this three step process:

  1. Value exploration: Find out how technology can create value by identifying new opportunities for you.
  2. Value creation: Explore the quest about yourself. Are you creating value by promising to be what you ought to be? Can technology be helpful in your quest?
  3. Value addition: Have you acquired capabilities that you need? Is technology efficient in the process of solving your problem?

Remember: Past is an experience, present is an experiment and future is an expectation. Use you past to teach you that experiment in the present can give you an expected future. Get ready to take a chill!

That’s all gadget!


Sometimes I think of the past and smile at the laugh,
Words were magic but today they are gadget,
Stories were classic with their own graphics,
Today, they are sarcastic which are all caustic,
Times were fantastic with no plastics,
Why not to panic and turn dramatic?”

A day without mobile phones are far from our imagination today. The situation is alarming and we are still pretending as if we were not warned. It’s time to halt and take a look at our activities. Aren’t we overusing it‽

The originality is lost somewhere just like hundreds of emoticons. Emoticons can express oneself but the feeling behind it cannot be known. In the same manner, mobile phone is a medium to express but today, they are to impress. The original purpose is lost.

The word has gone beyond the boundaries but that’s not something that we can be proud of. It has taken a child’s playful childhood, a parent’s real talk, a friend’s real conversation and a person’s humility. Going beyond the mobile screen seems a problem but not tapping on the screen digging up the eyes into a miniature gorilla glass.

For a child it has become family member and for a parent it is a space filler. A person sitting next to is still unbeknown but virtually he’s a milestone. Can we ever imagine what is exactly happening?

Can you tell why should not I panic when I see children playing football on their phones and not on the ground. Why should not I turn dramatic when I see people talking on their phones and not around. It has become easy to say everything virtually but what about saying it actually? Aren’t we losing our skills?

Group of friends sitting on a bench looking at their phones loosing communication.

We talk about going beyond what’s defined. But aren’t we ignoring the defined? Efforts are needed to make things right. What’s past cannot be altered BUT present can be saved and future can be secured.

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The whoop scoop personality tricks, go live go awesome !


What if I say a small drop of ink can make a million think? What if I say that an idea of small change can lead to a big movement? Then imagine what change can be brought by making a small thing better?

Small changes in your personality and woo-hoo! Your self-branding goes up-up-up! Check out these self-branding tips.

  1. Break your silence.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even if it sounds ‘dumb’.  Try to interpret and critically analyze the answer to your question. This will help you to challenge convention. You will eventually view yourself differently creating a whoop.

  1. Building a ‘lighthouse Identity’

A lighthouse stands in light as well as darkness. It gives you guidance. Establish your own values. Determine your values by looking into your life events. Record and then prioritize them. Your values are tied to your identity. Communicate about yourself who and why you are.

  1. Re-evaluate

When a rocket launches, it uses its half fuel in the first mile to restrict earth’s gravitational pull. Similarly you may need to polarize people to review you as an individual.

  1. Practice thought leadership

Break up the usuality about yourself in terms of what you say, where you say and how far you can go. You know your success scoop. You just need to explore it more.

  1. Sacrifice

We believe that holding things makes us strong. But that’s not true. Sometimes, it’s about letting go. When you let go things, other bigger things can come into your way. You can focus on your goal, growth and overall development. And recognize that less can be more.

  1. Commit and meet

Although you have fewer things to do, make it ‘big’ when you do them. It is your whoop scoop niche strategy.

Commit and meet

7. Advertise yourself

You did something good differently then make it count. This can get you a scoop in people talking. Beware of over-advertisement.

  1. Be idea centered

Write about your ideas in your journal. These ideas may not be useful today but they may prove to be helpful in future. Do not worry about how stupid your idea may seem. Just scoop it down.

  1. Praise yourself

You did something good? Praise yourself. Tap your back for every single good thing you did. You should you do this? Because it will make your inner self happy and when you are happy it can be reflected in your confidence. Others will get inspired and your brand value will be enhanced.

  1. Establish enduring relationships

Rather than technology; relevance, simplicity and humanity distinguish you from others. Try to focus on your off-screen relationship more than your on-screen relationships. These relationships are long-lasting.

  1. Know your self-worth

Self-branding is the branding of one’s name. Shouldn’t we proud of what we are and who we are? Obviously, we should be. Most of the time, people underestimate themselves. Your branding depends how confidently you carry your name. 

  1. SWOT Analysis

The one who is aware of his strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats can keep oneself prepared. This analysis will help you to polish your skills and overcome your weaknesses. It will create opportunities and keep you prepared for the worst outcome.


whoop scoop!

P.s. Don’t take credits alone. Share your praises when you’re in a team! When someone does something for you, be courageous enough to thank them.

36 tips to use Pinterest for Business


Pinterest is often taken as a visual platform but it is more than that. If you are looking for using it for your business then, here are the few tips:

1. Business type:

Set up your business account mentioning your type of business. Pinterest differentiates business accounts from personal accounts.

2. Your website:

Pinterest for business allows you to confirm your website to get pins. By this you can see your logo, profile picture and also have access on web analytics in Pinterest analytics.

3. Set up a purpose:

Before getting started, one should know what the pinners want and how you will achieve it. This can be known by what’s trending, what are pinners talking about or by what they like.

4. Your profile:

Your profile is more than what you post. It represents you. Consider each and every thing about your business.

5. Creating boards:

Create boards according to seasons, products, etc. information. This will help people to discover you.

6. Inspirations:

Instead showing off your product only, show off your inspirations. You can use quotes, images, movies, music, books, etc. This will associate people with you and build an emotional-connect.



7. Get creative:

Pinterest promotes creativity. It is a platform of newness. Be creative with your images and description.

8. Hashtags:

Like other social networks, you can use hashtags here but in pin description only. It is most effective when you use a brand-specific hashtag.

9. Connect to other networks:

Connecting other networks, show your presence in the digital world. This not only help you to gain followers but also boost up your sales.

10. Images:

Images uploaded by you should be of high quality. It will display what you want to express. Name your images strategically so that it includes the keywords which will optimize the search for the audience.

11. Text:

Include texts that are specific and clear. It should be easy to understand. It should include who you are and what you do.

12. Description:

Include a short message or story or how it came into your mind. Show your story-telling skills for better engagement.

13. Vertical ratio image:

The vertical ratio image attracts more than a simple image. Also it looks good on mobile. Thus, it is advisable to use vertical images because it grabs more attention.

14. Engage in conversations:

Interact with people by liking, sharing and commenting. Use their names to address the individuals. Thank them, answer to their questions and build a personal relationship in this way.


15. Pinning:

Pins are ideas and pinning idea is all about collecting, sharing and reposting. You should create pins after knowing what exactly what your customers want by looking around.

16. Get specific:

Let your pins speak for you. Be very specific with your pins. Change it if does not serves your purpose by editing it later on.

17. Keyword-friendly boards:

Use the keywords which makes it easy for people to discover you. Do not use many keywords as it may be considered as spam.

18. Promote on Pinterest:

With the help of Pinterest, you can link your website posts. Enter the link, add the featuring image and there you go.

19. Including Lists:

People want it step-to-step or in points. Use a list to interest your customers. You can also use infographics to do so which is highly effective.

20. Pinterest’s updates:

For businesses, Pinterest keeps on updating. Keep yourself aware of the latest updates and how you can use it effectively for your account.

21. Staying active:

People notices when you post regularly, like, comment and share. This increases the brand image in general.

22. Type of content:

Your content should be informative. You can include all the relevant links, recommend and suggest specific things related to your business.

23. Reflect your values:

Reflect your values by showing your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, wider causes, and your updates. This will keep your followers engaged with you.


24. Rich pins:

Pinterest allows you to rich pin information embed from your website or blog automatically. This means that the information related to the article will be updates automatically. For example, Price, author, product name, description, etc.

25. Posting schedule:

Be regular with your posts and their timing.

26. Update your account:

Keep your account up-to-date. Delete or modify pins that are of less use. This helps to keep yourself organized.

27. Add watermarks:

While using your original content, consider adding your watermark. This watermark acts as a connection between you and pinners.

28. Follow and followings:

Follow the individuals who are interest to you. Build your followings by inviting people to pin and re-pin.

29. Secret boards:

Pinterest allows you to create a secret boards which is for you only. You can add books, images, etc. which are useful to you.

30. Re-pining contest:

You can promote a cause or campaigning by this. Read the does and don’t before creating such type of contest on Pinterest.

31. Messages:

Like any other social networking, you can send messages on Pinterest also. You can encourage people to discuss and share their ideas.

32. Pinning music/ videos:

Pinterest is more than pinning images. You can also pin music and video related to your business.

33. Reading list:

You can include all the how to, dos and don’ts, books, links, etc. related to your business which interests your customers on Pinterest.

34. Gifts themed pins:

Pins call to action encourage a lot of participation. Use this tool to board to support your contest or promotion.

35. Designate boards:

Use specific pins to keep yourself organized. Design and designate board on the basis of cyclical changes.

36. A Call to action:

Include call to action like ‘buy now’, ’let’s get started’, and so on. This encourages your customers to start acting.

 It’s never to late to get started.

Insights into Facebook for business



Still unaware and clueless about how to use Facebook for your business? This article will give you insight into Facebook for business and will help you to use it strategically.

  1. Connect with people:

Facebook has a wide network. If you are considering to promote your business online, Facebook, is probably the best option for you. Facebook for business can be used to create a wide network which includes audience from every demographics.

  1. Marketing on Facebook:

Facebook can help you out to achieve your business goals. Whether it is to drive sales, increase local interaction, promoting your app or raising your brand awareness, Facebook for business can do it all.

  1. Facebook Adverts:

Facebook adverts means short Facebook ads. You need to select your target audience so to ripe the best results as per your budget. You can manage your adverts by the tool ‘Adverts manager’ and ‘Adverts manager app.’ Facebook for business provides you various types of ads to solve your purpose.

  1. Reach of people:

There are millions of people using Facebook today. Thus, getting a wide base of customer is really good to get started. Facebook for business is the foremost platform which you should consider while entering into online business. 

  1. Videos, photos and links:

You can easily share your videos, photos and links on your business page. Facebook for business is that source which allows you to create your identity through your posts.

  1. Create a campaign:

Facebook for business can help you to create your campaign according to your business goals. You can create a new campaign or use an existing one instead. 

  1. Choose your objective:

You can set up your business objectives according to your needs for Facebook. It can be raise brand awareness or promote your app or website conversions, etc. Facebook for business provides it all.

  1. Creating a page:

The basic step to get started on Facebook for business is by creating a Facebook page. Your business page will showcase your identity. It will show all the basic information that your customers need. You should be fill all the details related to your business.

  1. Facebook insights:

Facebook insights of a page provides you the overall performance of your page. It strategically overviews the page likes, comments, its reach, actions taken by you and so on. Using Facebook for business helps you to manage your performance.

  1. Profile picture:

A profile is the soul of your business. And the profile picture is the heart of your business. The more attractive, the better. It is recommended to use your symbol or image which can be easily recognized by the people that this profile is yours.

  1. Facebook for business page:

A page by Facebook specially designed for businesses where you can find various links, updates and tips related to businesses.

  1. Page goals:

Each business has different goals which it aspires to achieve. Facebook for business provides various tools related to your page goals. 


  1. Create an event:

Creating an event is easy on Facebook. Facebook for business allows you to create an event which can be a public event or a private event. 

  1. Boost your page:

Facebook provides you a tool for Facebook for business to boost you post. This means that your post could reach to more and more people on Facebook.

  1. Publishing:

Your business page provides you a publishing tool option. Here, you can find option like schedule posts, drafts, published posts and expiring posts. In this way, Facebook for business publishing tools can help you to manage your posts effectively.

  1. Groups:

Apart from creating your business page, you can create a group. In this way you can gain popularity. Following groups similar to your group is also a good idea. Facebook for business encourages you to participate in group to improve your brand engagement.

  1. Pages manager app:

Facebook for business provides you this app to manage your posts from anywhere. You can respond to your page visitors or post something from anywhere by this app. 

  1. Facebook hashtags:

Facebook hashtags helps to increase visibility of your business. This does not mean that you should use hashtag for each word. Relevant hashtags must be used on Facebook for business. Use hashtags which associate well with your business. This helps when a person searches for particular word on Facebook.


  1. Lead ads:

Facebook for business allows you to generate a lead ad where people can show their interest. By filling up a form about a product or service, people can show their interest. Business can keep a follow up by these forms and enhance customer’s experiences. This option is available on your business page in publishing tools.

  1. Market strategy:

Facebook insight of a page do provide the overview which can be used for your business. Facebook for business suggest you to interpret the data so you can come up with your market strategy.

  1. Facebook blueprint:

A unique page where you can find ins and outs of Facebook. You can take up various online courses which can help you to grow your business. A Facebook for business e-learning course is definitely what you need.


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Why to use Twitter for business?



Is twitter part of your digital engagement? Don’t you think you should include twitter to promote your business?

Twitter for business is the best way to answer your questions. This micro blogging social site tweets a specific message up to 140 words. This means that you are talking to the point. Here are the 21 reasons why you should use twitter for business:

1. Robust Targeting:

Twitter for business allows connecting to a niche group or connecting people from around the globe. There are variety of targeting option available on twitter for business. For instance, language targeting, behavior targeting, gender targeting, device targeting and so on. The best practice is to test these different targeting options and select the one which serves your business purpose.

2. Twitter hashtags:

Hashtag is the best way to engage people. You need to put the common and catchy hashtag with your tweet. Twitter allows people to search for specific hashtag. Therefore, twitter for business best practice is to use a popular hashtag.

3. Resources and guide:

Twitter for business allows you to use and access resources and how to use guide for twitter. These resources and guide provides you all the information from twitter account to how to use tools of twitter for business.

4. Twitter Ads:

Promote your presence on twitter with the help of twitter ads. Twitter for business ads helps you to target your potential customers, encourage your influencers and getting billed for only what you want i.e. when your objective is achieved.

5.  Advanced search:

Find the relevant keywords or influencers or potential customers and so on with the help of this tool. Twitter for business can be used to locate specific popular keywords- things and/or people with the help of advanced search.

6. Twitter blog:

Twitter for business official blog will help you to learn everything you need to know. You can know about business, success stories, updates on news on this blog.

 7. Connect, Engage, Activate:

To get started, you can mention few identified individuals who takes interest in your business and build a connection. Follow them and like few of their posts. This will start an interaction between you and your potential customer. After that you can offer a sales product or experience to that person on twitter for business.

8. Campaign:

With the help of twitter for business create an objective-based campaign. This will help you to achieve results by reaching to the right people. There is a variety of campaign types which you would like to choose from.

9. Quick promote:

This twitter for business tool is useful when you want to quickly promote your top tweet in front of wider audience base. This is useful when the people engagement of that tweet is high or you’re at an event and you want to engage with like-minded people.

10. Twitter Analytics:

Twitter analytics provides you the insight for twitter for business. With the help of this tool you can know about your tweet activity, people engagement, audience insights- their interest, income, occupation, buying pattern, etc. Every photo, video, word and follower impacts.

 11. Conversion tracking:

Twitter for business allows you to track your audience. You can know about what happens when people see your ads. Whether they retweet, like, click or simply see the tweet can be known.

12. Twitter official partner program:

Twitter for business has official partners who can help you in terms of marketing your products or services. Take up this official collaboration to gain expertise by outsourcing.

13. Business profile:

First impression is your last impression. Having an attractive business profile is need of the day. Let your customers know about you. Make them aware about you. Use recognized profile picture and don’t forget to write about yourself in the bio in your twitter for business profile.

14. Twitter Lists:

Twitter allows you to create conversations lists. This is useful when you have number of followers. To manage and keep a track of their tweets you can make this list and use twitter for business.

15. Tweets:

Think of the questions by your customers asked during the week and make a list of them. Tweets related to questions asked by your customers frequently is a good idea. Include infographics, video and links in your tweet to make them understand better.

16. Insider’s sight:

Adding value to your customer’s by tweeting what’s happening behind the scenes bring a great engagement. This type of tweets interests your potential customers and creates value for them in terms of knowing your business in a better way.

 17. Daily twitter deals:

Encourage your customers to follow you on twitter to gain special deals. This will not only increase your followers but it will help you to gain your social presence.

18. Activities:

Tweet about your running or upcoming events, seminars, exhibitions and so on with twitter for business. Attach link, video or photos before and after the activity to keep people talking about you.

19. Quality over quantity:

Using twitter for business promotes quality over quantity. Using the relevant keywords in your tweets makes your tweet more attractive and searchable.

20. Retweet:

Re-tweets are by the third party. Basically a word of mouth, recommendation, update or news on the tweet. Re-tweeting is like sharing the post. Twitter for business re-tweets are good for your brand image. You should also re-tweet to add value to your audience.

21. Add polls:

Taking opinions from people by poll allows people to tweet. This encourages active participation from people for twitter for business. Take polls related to products/services to know what your audience thinks about it.

“Learn basics before digging deep into

Twitter for business”