7 Tips to Learning


Learning is an ongoing process. Once you start learning, it is difficult to stop. It is like an addiction which grows over you as the time passes. Some things are learnt by experience while the other are learnt by doing it. Here are the 7 tips to keep you learning.

  1. Set up your learning conditions:

Learning should be fun. It should make you relaxed as well as alert. Clear up your mind and settle down first. Be calm like water. For this you can take help of some music (words can distract you, so instead of going for a song, go for instrumentals).

  1. Communicate with yourself:

Learning is a relative thing. When you relate your past experience with the present one, you learn to associate it and remember it in a better way. The more you will enjoy learning, the richer and appropriate associations you will make.

  1. Communicate with others:

The more you share, the more you learn. Engage into discussion, ask question, solve doubts of others. After all, world is better when you care, when you share. There is ‘no’ best method for learning. The method which suits you is best!

  1. Stop when in doubt:

Think about, ‘Are you doing for the sake of it must be done?’ If yes, then stop; you are compromising with your work and learning. On the other flip, when you that the work should be done; why you not should try to innovate and make it fun? (good idea, right!).

  1. Break through:

When something becomes just a routine, you tend to de-value it. You will hate it or be afraid of it. As you know, there are different ways of doing the same work. Try one and make it fun. Just as the child plays with his toys, play with your work.

  1. Writing a Learning log:

A learning log includes important websites, quotes, references, mind maps, etc. It is customised and you can use it write down your learning. This will help you to keep track of yourself.

  1. Formula QSR3:

This means ‘Question, Survey, Read, Review and Recite.’ Question things which you want to know; ask it to yourself and others; read about it; critically think about it by reviewing it and lastly repeat the process until you learn it. It is not compulsory to use all the steps. Use it as per the importance.

“Go, get your learncrush today!”