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32 ways of using LinkedIn to your best advantage



Do you want a professional base? You don’t know how social media can help? LinkedIn is definitely the answer to your problem. LinkedIn provides a platform for you to contact to various professional experts.  But how to use LinkedIn for business is probably your next question. Don’t worry here are the few tips to use LinkedIn for your business.

  1. LinkedIn Company Profile:

An attractive LinkedIn company profile allows you to connect with people easily. The first thing that people see is your profile and after that your product comes into the picture.

  1. Mention important Links:

Provide link of your website and other networks in LinkedIn Profile. This represents how active you are.

  1. Update LinkedIn profile more often:

To grow more, one has to work smart. Updates ensures that you are engaged in your activities and committed to your work. This eventually encourages more people to connect with you.

  1. Content marketing:

Know what to write, how to write and how much to write is important. Your writings are the doorway to your opportunities. LinkedIn Provides a great way to market your literary works.

  1. Attractive visuals:

An image telling a story is much more attractive than a simple text. Thus, use visuals to attract more people. It’s all about what they see rather than what they read.

  1. Form a group:

With the help of LinkedIn, you can form your own group and connect with people. It allows you to be in touch with your target group.

  1. Participate in LinkedIn groups:

Apart from forming a group, participate in 3-4 relevant groups other than yours. Provide information when needed by others. This increases your presence in the business world.

  1. Express strategically:

People judge you by what you say. Be clear with your thought. Do not use this network like other social media. Rather use it to share important information and updates.


  1. Social selling:

This feature of LinkedIn allows you to build relationships with your prospective clients and sell your product.

  1. Targeted advertising on LinkedIn:

This is meant for promoting one’s product with the help of marketing tool of LinkedIn. understanding the marketing tool of LinkedIn provides great outcomes.

  1. Searches:

With the help of LinkedIn, you can very specifically. You can search company, individual, university, alumni, etc.

  1. Advanced search:

Advanced search allows you to add keyword to optimize your search on LinkedIn.

  1. Focus and minimize:

Focus on only important groups on LinkedIn. Limit the number of group connected by you. This will help you to focus on your business rather than unnecessary information.


  1. Market research:

LinkedIn allows you to post a poll and collect information from individuals. This is voluntary. But is a big help to know about the opinion of others and what they want.

  1. Talent search:

LinkedIn is a pool of diverse knowledge. With the help of LinkedIn, you can search for and hire candidates accordingly.

  1. Involve your employees:

Ask your employees to connect to your business profile. This not only informs the expertise of your business but also helps in ranking.

  1. Recommendations:

Request and invite your connections to write about your business on LinkedIn. This helps others to understand it better and builds credibility. Also write recommendations for others on LinkedIn.

  1. Outsource services:

You can outsource activities in which you do not have expertise. LinkedIn helps you to find potential vendors to do so.

  1. Answer questions:

Answer questions which one asks, provides links and use your experience to help others.

  1. Purpose:

Have a purpose for which you are using LinkedIn. The problem arises when you do not have any purpose and thus, you are not able to establish in goal. It’s all vague.

  1. Online credibility:

Connecting your different accounts helps you to be visible. By this people believe that you are active and care for your clients which enhances your online credibility.

  1. Optimize LinkedIn profile SEO:

By adding the appropriate keywords to your linkedIn profile, you can optimize your profile. This helps when someone searches for that keyword. Thus, you become discoverable easily.

  1. Connect other accounts to LinkedIn:

Connect your other accounts like twitter to show that you are socially present. This increases your visibility. Connecting Facebook account is a must for LinkedIn. Syncing other accounts like google, yahoo helps in building contact list very fast.

  1. Look and look back:

One interesting tool of LinkedIn is that you can view who visited your profile. This look and look back trick can help you to break the ice and contact that person.

  1. Communicate:

With the help of LinkedIn, you can communicate with a number of professionals via personal messages or groups. Your interaction with them will help you boost your business.

  1. Newsletter:

You can send email newsletter with the help of LinkedIn to the groups. In this way they can get instantly information about your recent updates.

  1. Niche network:

LinkedIn is not for masses; it is for well-educated professional people. Making the right connection is all you need.

  1. Contacting someone:

LinkedIn is an opportunity to connect with different experts. This contacts can go beyond your screen. Before contacting someone it is important to equip yourself with all the relevant information.

  1. Additional details:

Your business is more than your product. It represents your existence. Thus, provide a brief about activities and collaborations.

  1. Explore the toolkit:

LinkedIn has numbers of tools which can help in one or the other way. One can always look forward to this tools.

  1. On board professionals:

Connect with professionals and employees of your business to connect and ask them to write recommendations.

  1. Spot opportunities:

Contact only useful people on LinkedIn. Connect with those who can be useful today or in the future. In this way you can focus on getting more opportunities for your business.

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So these are few ways which can provide you edge in using LinkedIn for your personal and professional growth. if you have any ideas do comment and share with us. Take care.

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One thing which should become your Religion to crack a Deal


Presentation and right timing are the attributes which can transform ordinary things to extra-ordinary. Take a look at the picture. Who would have thought, that a glimpse of a fisherman throwing a net in water would look so beautiful.

However, the photographer’s perspective (PRESENTATION & TIMING) was very apt. He transformed an ordinary routine moment into something wonderful.

The point here is :
Better the presentation, more likely you are to crack a deal. However more important to it is correct timing. One should know the precise moment when to pitch the presentation to gain the maximum advantage.

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For joy of dancing in rain, you need to give up the umbrella


Fortune favours the brave. Fruits of fortune are tasted only by the few. They are the people who drop down their guards to face the challenges of uncertainty. Take a look at beautiful picture. There lies a great message within. A message to open up, to shed the worries and enjoy the upcoming rains.

Only those people who know the JOY of dancing in rain , can give up their UMBRELLAS and OPEN UP to enjoy !!

The message here is to experience something wonderful. 
One must be willing to take up few risks. One has to face uncertainty to get through it. One has to develop the entrepreneur within.

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Move out of routines, grab something exotic


Be ready to Grab an “OPPORTUNITY”, for it always comes when we are busy in our ROUTINES !!

A beautiful picture, but with an astounding message. On first look we notice that the boy had been playing his normal routine football on the seashore. However, on second look we see, he just grabbed an opportunity to experience something exotic.

Had he been just busy in playing his normal routine football he would have had missed that beautiful opportunity. The message here is, keep your senses open to perceive the upcoming opportunities. They come to everyone, but only a few are free enough to move out of routines to grab them.

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Its all about “The Choice”


Everyone runs for success, but only a few can taste it.

So what is the difference? We all know the path. We all know the methods. We all know the price, then what is the missing element ?

The choice to act.
The choice to pay the price.
The choice to innovate.
The choice to be consistent.
The choice to bear the patience.

Its all about the attitude of a person which makes the difference.

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You can’t afford to miss transparent business systems


Transparency of clear waters, add to the beauty of the natural scenery. A great attribute to be learned from this picture is “TRANSPARENCY”. In the age of increasing corporate governance day-by-day, there is need to create transparent business systems. These transparent business systems are required to improve and enhance the functionality of the business processes.

Transparency refers to open systems. It may be defined as work flow in an open environment. The business processes flows from the roots of utmost honesty. Nothing is being concealed from stake holders. Every process is well defined in the system and documented. It adds a great value to the business valuation.Good transparency promotes enhanced governance and better business outcomes.

As an old saying goes, for hiding a lie, 100 lies are required, but to speak the truth only one sentence can make your Day. Ensuring transparency in business systems, increases the communication lines. It channelizes the much needed positive energy into the right direction.

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Freedom is birth right, but people are slave of emotions


Freedom is the birth right of every living being. There is always a constant endeavour going on amongst the living beings for freedom. Even the laws speak about freedom. It is the basic pillar of justice and equity. We all desire freedom in different ways. Be it freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of identity, freedom of expression and so on.

However, the biggest freedom is freedom of self-belief. its about believing ourselves. its about letting our will flow. To convert our passion into something concrete. To purge dis-beliefs and enlighten ourselves with self-confidence. It is all about letting the thought process flow freely. We should focus our thought process in a constructive direction.

Thoughts are symbolised by the birds in the above picture. There is no limit to them as freedom is provided by the open sky. This picture portrays a wonderful message of letting the thoughts flow freely without limiting then to a particular space. Freedom of thought process can yield great outcomes.

freedom of sky

Sometimes it just happens that we are sheltered with a clouds of ignorance. It feels like we are just stuck and lack freedom of thoughts. Although we possess all the resources yet we are unable to make complete use of it. This is something which causes frustration and lack of confidence.

Another powerful message embedded in the above picture is the sarcasm about poor. Rather we can say the mindset of a constrained person. The person who becomes slave of his own emotions. The person who has vast opportunities available just like the open sky, yet who is strangled in the ropes of ignorance. The best thing for him is to break free. Leave the worries behind and let the thoughts flow freely.

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Let’s learn the crush of this article here. The biggest freedom is freedom of self-belief.  The second thing is to look around and make best use of resources. The message is to break free and enjoy the vibes of freedom.

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Ahm Bhahmasmi, the key to victory



Often the people who are underestimated or undervalued turn out to be the dark horses. They not only win the races but also set the iconic trends. World is full of Example of such people like Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jordan, Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates, Lionel Messi, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and many more.

All we need to do first is self-evaluation. we need to initiate the concept of “AHM-BRAHMASMI” (‘अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि’). It means, I am part of the Universe and ‘Whatever is in the Universe, is present in me’.

Just take a look at the picture an outstanding message flows from it. i.e Talent has no correlation with what people perceive about you. It’s all about what you can exhibit and deliver. Just believe in yourself. Get going and initiate the plans. You have the power to enlighten. Just believe and flow free.

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Be like a Full Moon, Value Yourself.


A view of the full moon is a beautiful and mesmerising sight. However a great lesson to be learned from it is : ” FREQUENCY of its APPEARANCE “ which is one of the crucial attribute which increases its importance.

The message here is that anything in excess is harmful i.e even if its our presence. The beauty of full moon is admired and is worthwhile to notice on the night of full moon. , Because it occurs after a reasonable interval. Had it been available all the time then it would had been reasonably undervalued.

Similar is the case with human psychology, too much of availability of anything and we tend to undervalue its importance. So the message here is to increase the quality of the appearances rather then its frequency.

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Be an Intelligent investor to mitigate Risks and Earn Rewards


Beautiful but dangerous, take a second close look, it is a boy playing with FIRE !
It may look surprising to our eyes. We all admire such traits presented, because its human tendency to be amazed. But therein lies a very high degree of skill and risk. The rewards generated i.e ( amusement ) is also of great magnitude.

The points here to NOTE are :
1) Do something which Your competitor’s AREN’T DOING.
2) Acquire EXCELLENCE in whatever you do.
3) HIGH RISKS, HIGH REWARDS, but you should know the ways and means of mitigating such risks.

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