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Chronicles of Beauty,the perception and out of the blue thinking


Beauty lies in the eyes. It’s not only the vision, but it’s the perception which defines the beauty. The definition of beauty differs from person to person. Everyone sees the world with their own perceptions. However, a true enthusiast always finds something special in what he/she sees.

For example, take the vision of a poet, to him a flower would be inspiration to be exclaimed through words. For a painter it may be an inspiration to sketch something wonderful. For a lover it may be a medium to express his emotions, for a photographer it may be a moment to be captured. So many people, the visual is same, but perception is different.

This picture beautifully expresses the concept of beauty embedded in one’s eyes. The better a person’s perception, the more beautiful the world becomes.

great perception

Perception is something which offers creative ideas. The most important thing is we need to “observe”. A keen observer always tends to find creative ideas.

“Great perception is always the result of great observation”.

It’s like an addiction for him. Creativity is something which fills him up with joy and zeal to go on. Take a look at the picture, it may seem just an ordinary moment. However, some one creative transformed into an ice-cream and froze it.

Well on a lighter note, we can say it was the passion of ice-cream of that person who perceived it. Well jokes apart, the point here is the keen observation transformed this ordinary moment into extraordinary one.

out of the blue thinking

The other aspect is thinking out of the blue. Sometimes unexpected, or instant thoughts yield much more than our expectations. The outcomes can be overwhelming. Blue is also a symbol of calm mindset. When we tend to stay calm, we can indulge into great brainstorming process. We can generate wonderful ideas.

Just take a look at the picture. The background can be used to symbolize a calm mindset. Sky with shining stars can be used to symbolize  the potential of unconscious mind. The balloon can be taken as a bunch of ideas which are generated.

Now let’s learn the crush of this article. First thing is to train our perspective. Always remember beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Second thing is keen observation. The person with good observation can foresee things which normally people miss out. And the third thing is developing the out of blue thinking.

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Amazing Reflections which you must include in your persona



What is in ourselves, is really a question to be asked. We face so many situations, either good or bad. Somehow after a point of time we realize, none of those situations really matter. With time everything just fades away. However only one thing which can go on improving is our inner self.

Take a look at the picture, all we need to do is believe in ourselves. Sometime we just need some reflections. Reflections which makes us realize, how wonderful we are. The awesomeness which is in our persona.

Now the question is How to tame our persona to get the best out of us every day?

Well this is the most crucial part. The first thing is to identify our USP(unique selling proposition). We need to find out answers to the questions like, what we are good in? What we can do best? What are the areas for improvement? What are our interests? What is our passion?

the flame within


Well seeking answers to these questions is not an easy task. Yet finding answers to these questions is an illustrious task. Take a look at the picture, ” The Flame within “. It is the flame which we need to identify first.

The best way to seek out for answers, is to dive into spirituality. The meditation is the first step which helps us to achieve that. All we need to do is to get some time for ourselves. Find a peaceful location. Maybe a nature’s delight, or your good memoirs, it may be anything which gives you mental peace. The second step is to channelize the peace of mind and focus our thought process. The third step is to have self-analysis, by means of thoughts and self-talks.

Self Realisation

Practicing these things regularly, can help us gain peace. Now comes into play the part of idea generation. When we dive into the deep thought process, we tend to start talking to ourselves. We find adviser whom we can trust the most. The inner intuition, the self-talks all let us drive towards our purpose.

Take a look at the picture, it just like a light within, which enlightens us. When the sense of self-realization kicks in, we feel much more poised and content. The process of meditation helps us in identifying our true potential. It develops our mindset to stay calm and focused thus unlocking our true potential.

Let’s learn the crush of the article here, Firstly, we need to believe in ourselves. Then we need to tame our persona through meditation and find the answers about ourselves. Then we need to focus and channelize the positive vibes into our self-belief.

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How to brainstorm creative business ideas ?



Red is an exquisite color. Red is one of the sheer classics. Red suggest boldness. Be it your thoughts or profile. Red is something which gives you courage. Have your ever noticed a child getting excited on seeing the color red? It’s just like a code red to the baby.  It’s all about the color waves. Pure Red has its own grace to catch the hottest attention.


Take a look at this Red hot snap. A sheer delicacy for the eyes.  It’s something which drives the adrenalin through your veins, and tells you to move up and put on a heck of a big show.

spark of idea


What to do after the adrenalin kicks in, you need to assemble your ideas. You need to channelise those sparkling ideas into something worthwhile. You need to focus that hormonal rush into a plan. You need to draw an outline sketch for the next big thing.

The question is how to do that?

Well we all live in a digital age, with the edge cutting technologies in our hands. The best possible thing is to write down your ideas. Be it just for a moment or flash, just write it down. And keep on writing whatever comes to your mind seeping into the phase of unconscious mind. At a point of time you may have thoughts which might even seem irrelevant. However, the key here is to go on.

writing business ideas

Believe me after you’re done, you’ll be having a list of amazing ideas. Working on that list can really kick in some magic.

Just take a look at this inspiring picture.

Writing down ideas is just a step forward to creating something magical.

Let’s learn the crush of the article here, when looking to start something you need to exaggerate your adrenaline. You need to channelise that adrenaline towards sparkling ideas. And most importantly note down your ideas.

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36 reasons why you should use instagram for business



Today, we are in an era of digital marketing and engagement.  Various channels are providing a whole new shape to branding for a business. On the part of social media, this engagement is becoming really important. Instagram for business has become the synonym for young network. If you’re a visual story teller then yes, Instagram for business, is probably the best channel which would help you.

Here are the few tips to keep in mind for a successful usage of Instagram for business purpose:

  1. The use of hashtags:

A hashtag is a word or phrase highlighting specific topic. The use of most popular hashtags provides visibility to your business. Its one of the prime reason why you should use instagram for business.

  1. Clear and creative concept:

One must be clear about what is to be done. One should know how concepts should be presented. Presentation is what makes the business look attractive to the target audience. There should be a well thought goal. Instagram for business purpose helps you to communicate your concepts to the audience.

  1. Celebrate your brand

A brand is the celebration of your existence. Showing off and engaging customers in your success is really a good idea. Using Instagram for business can really help you to celebrate the worthiness of your brand. It helps in building a brand image.

  1. Focus on well-crafted ads:

Instagram offers to exhibit your ads. How well one can sum up its business in seconds is a challenging role. however ultimately increase your presence in the world of instagram. if you plan to use Instagram for business then, you cannot miss on instagram ads.

  1. Associate fun images with business:

People are often interested in knowing the fun and gossips associated with the business. This brings a lot of attention to your audience on instagram. It also creates a distinctive image in their minds about your instagram business profile.

  1. Know how to use:

Knowing what to use and how to use the tools of Instagram is important. Without basics, the idea is vague. So knowing the use of various tools of Instagram is the need of the hour. using the correct tools on instagram for business promotion is the top most priority

instagram for business

  1. Link accounts:

Instagram offers you to link accounts of other social media like facebook. Thus, this will increase the number of followers and people will come to know about you. Another reason why you can use instagram for businesss is that your instagram profile allows you to add a link to your website, which can drive traffic to your website.

  1. Follow your followers back:

If someone follows your account that means that person is interested and will expect that you too take interest. Using instragram for business, it becomes important to follow the followers as this gives a sense of belonging to them.

  1. Flexible Posting plan:

It should be noted that businesses should not post ambiguously. When using instagram for business purposes there should a well-defined posting plan. It helps to keep your visitor hooked and increase your visibility.

  1. Use trends:

Use  of hashtags and the latest trends and news is highly prevalent on instagram. When you are using instagram for business, you must associate these trends with your brand to attract more audience.

  1. Reward followers:

Rewards are positive reinforcement which helps to create brand loyalty. By using instagram for business you can rewards your loyal customers. You can offer them dicounted merchandise, freebies and so on. It helps to create your brand viral.

  1. Engagement games:

All that the business need is the active participation. For this one can create games. For example, puzzles or quizzes. Using Instagram for business you can interact with your consumers using this indirect channel.

  1. Employees’ photos:

Uploading your employees’ photo builds trust in your workforce. They feel like being part of your business. Thus using instagram for business helps in creating credibility among the employees too.

  1. Add captions:

Using instagram for business is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Adding a short story or description or quote reflects your thoughts which can touch your customers’ heart.

  1. Tagging:

Tagging a photo helps to increase followers. Tags also provide an opportunity to know more people. When using instagram for business, these tags helps you to reach people directly without getting involved by means of people who created the tags.

instagram for business

  1. Geotagging:

Adding a location to your photo helps to enhance search. People will be able to search for your business location easily. Instagram for business helps you to reach and target your audience on the basis of location, thus improving your visibility.

  1. Behind the scenes:

What happens inside the business, how things are made, what efforts are made to make that thing, basically, how everything works engages people with the business. using instagram for business you can converse with your audience. You can provide them sneak peak into your work culture and create a sense of loyalty and belongingness.

  1. Widen your exposure:

Look-up for yourself and the businesses related to you on Instagram. Instagram for business widens your exposure and helps to understand your audience better.

instagram exposure

  1. Story with video:

Using instagram for business you can communicate a story with the help of video. It helps in people to associate with your business and try to know about your business and brand.

  1. Track your performance:

You need to see how well you are performing and what is the response towards meeting your goals. Using instagram for business helps you in identifying the key metrices related to your social presence and your conversion goals.

  1. Instagram analytics:

Analyse how well you are doing on Instagram and set up next goals to be achieved on the basis of that.

  1. Content strategy:

Choosing how often to post, what time of day to post and how much to post is important. You should focus on the core only.

  1. Username and bio:

Using instagram for business you get a chance to make your profile go public. it helps your customers to know more about you and create a positive image. Username should be simple and easy to remember. The bio is the explanation of your business. Just like resume, the more interesting it is, the better it will be for your brand.

  1. Notifications

Notifications keep you aware about your followers, tags, mentions, etc. You can turn it on/off anytime whenever you need.

  1. Search and explore

Search and explore for popular hashtags, similar business, different strategies used by different companies, etc. It will help you to keep up with latest trends and com up with great new strategies.

instagram for business

  1. Mentioning:

When using instagram for business, you can increase audience interactions by using its mention feature. Mentioning a person makes it easy to communicate and increases users’ attention.

  1. Follow 80/20 strategy:

This means that the business should focus on 80% on the product part and 20% of the non-related business part. The 80% of the content which you post on instagram should be related to your product. The rest 20 % should be towards indirect associations towards your product.

  1. Feature your customer:

If customer is really benefiting you, then as a reward you should feature your customer or share something to appreciate. Using instagram for business helps you to take care of your awesome customers. It helps your to thank them in a socially generous way.

  1. Commenting:

When using instagram for business, you must use the commenting feature. Commenting shows that you’re paying attention to your audience. In this way it attracts your audience to ask and know about the business.

  1. Direct messaging:

This tool helps to build a personal relationship with your customer.

  1. Profile Picture:

The profile picture should be simple and must represent you. Mostly logo is used as a profile picture so that the audience can easily assess your profile.

  1. Photo uploads:

Photos must be clear with filter or no filter. Instagram allows photo collages also. Thus it helps you in increasing your visual appeal.

  1. Photo Contest:

When using instagram for business you must use the contests. Photo contest is quite popular on Instagram. People are asked to upload their photo with the help of hashtag, in this way the best photo is selected, and rewards are given.

instagram for business

  1. Only Instagram offers:

These type of offers are specially for Instagram users only. It encourages promotion of your business. It also helps to get the much needed publicity, because it increases the sharing among the consumers.

  1. User friendly:

It is easy to use and understand. Thus, more people can use and understand it easily. As the user experience is wonderful it works as a charm to emotional quotient of your consumers.

  1. Activity:

With the help of activity from people you follow, you can always get to know what they like and design strategies accordingly.

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Be a child at heart and rediscover yourself


Be a CHILD at HEART, to gather excitement, in every new trait, To experience a FEELING of JOY and a SENSE of TRUST.

Just take a look at picture, cute expressions by the small kid, YET it reminds us of OUR childhood days, the time when we used to fear none, we didn’t possess any EGO, Nothing stopped us from doing the RIGHT things, We were Eager to LEARN something new Every moment.

But as we grow up, a feeling to rigidness develops, we start thinking abt what people will say or think, at times we stop ourselves to ACT positively…

The message here is to BE a CHILD at HEART and REDISCOVER ourselves…!!

Have a Great Day.

#learncrusg #childatheart

Look at the brighter side, Live life enjoy Life!


No matter what the situations are and no matter how dark it gets. There is always a ray of hope. A positive way out. The hard situations are there to test us. They always brings the best out of us. We should always strive to learn from those situations. We come to know who are our real friends. Who are our true supporters and motivators. Who stands by us and who sheds excuses. Who guides us and who laughs on us.

Beyond darkness, there’s always something which shines, Look at the brighter side, Live life enjoy Life!

Beyond all these situations there lies something much more worthy. There lies your true side, the brighter side. There is an opportunity to meet yourself. Cherish it, enjoy it and grow stronger. Look at the brighter side. Live life and make the most out of it.

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Take a foot backward and Break Through


Sometimes the problems which we face are very heavy. At times we lack the momentum to move forward. at that time all we need to do is take a foot backward, gather momentum and move forward.

A Simple yet effective message passed on in this Picture. Sometimes when the needed momentum is not available, all we need to do is redesign and recreate our existing Processes. Change is necessary. If we do not adopt according to changing environment, our system is likely to be outdated. It is necessary, to constantly update and improvise ourselves.

#footbackward #recreate #redesign

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One attribute which can’t miss, The Positive attitude.


Its about being LIGHT-HEARTED. Its about being JOVIAL. And its about BEING CALM and possessing the positive attitude. A wonderful message is depicted by the picture. Things which we see gives us lot to think about. Its all about how we perceive the things. What we see into our surroundings. What vibes we carry.

There are few lovely messages in this picture. The Umbrella suggests the Open minded and free flowing positive thoughts. Such thoughts show us the path, They guide us and motivate us. They are like energizers providing us the energy to sustain the positive vibes. They make us believe in ourselves.

The LUGGAGE denotes the burden we carry in our minds and hearts. Such burden may be it be economical, social, personal or professional. Many times these burdens hinder our thoughts. They makes the thought process stubborn and rigid. These luggages drive us towards wrong decision making. The best way is to leave these luggages behind. We can FLY only when we leave these burdens behinds and make endeavours to promote Positive attitude.

A cool and calm mind can YIELD much more amplified and fruitful results. A calm mind makes us feel lighter. The free flowing thoughts and a light weight heart can make wonders happen. So the message for the day is ” Break Free “.

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Child labour and sure fire ways to counter effects of child labor


One of the most alarming situation in today’s society is child labor. The tender age in which a child should have books, toys and flowers in hands are forced to serve some money minded people. The primary reason for child labor is lack of education among the people of poor class of the society. The children are considered as additional source of earning income. They don’t consider them as valuable treasure and future civilized citizens.

Many people tend to talk about this issue but very few support it. The basic infrastructure needed to stop child labor is everywhere. But it is hardly utilised. We can Promote education through Each one teach one methods. Weekend teachings, social workers support, public- private partnerships, corporates and NGO Partnerships, social entrepreneurships etc. are few ways to improve the social conditions.

Even if the public places are allowed rent free for non business hours, many NGO’s and social workers are ready to educate the young assets.

There is not lack of resources. However there is lack of MOBILITY of Resources.

So Join now, spread the message. Let start it today and Help build a beautiful society. ABOLISH CHILD LABOR !!

#Child Labor  #Abolish Child Labor  #Child Empowerment

Now moving forward lets consider some more inputs about child labor :-

stop child labor

Single day charities do not make much of a difference to the problem of child labor. To solve the problem of child labor in real sense we require sustainable development. The ideas and the initiatives should be one which can be carried on by generations.

#Stop Child labor  #Empowering Youth #Educate One

Educating the society and promoting awareness are the best possible solutions to stop child labor. The cost of primary education in developing countries is very less. This low cost of education can be leveraged to enhance skill development. We spend a lot on movies or weekend dinners. Even if we forgive one such event, we can contribute the money saved towards a Needy child. It can be considered as a contribution to counter the problem of child labor.

Adopting a child for education. Training them to learn something useful. Promoting skills development. These things would help to curb the prevalent defect of child labor. It would also create a very strong foundation for future human capital.

Sure fire techniques to improve your personal branding


Only Hard Work will not guarantee the professional growth. There are several other aspects of your overall personality which are accounted for your growth. When I say overall personality, I mean your outer and inner personality. And when I say Outer personality, I mean your verbal (when you speak) and non-verbal (when you are not speaking) features of your personality. Together I call it “Corporate Image”.

In this article I shall cover sure fire techniques to improve your Corporate Image.Well, let us understand first why you should give importance to your official image?

Why Personal branding is important?

In your routine official life, you are being observed by your team lead, managers and/or senior managers on how you work, behave, speak, act, react, meet, greet, and resolve and so on. All these observations are contributing towards your overall image. This image analysis is being done by the management for everyone. So when it comes to new opportunity or project in the department, it will be awarded to the one having good professional or corporate image.

Here are the things which you need to work on to promote your corporate image:


It all starts from your brain.

Good Mind Good Find.

It is as simple as that. Focusing on your thoughts will give maturity to your speech and actions which consequently would result in great personality. If you think you should only work on the physical appearance factor of your personality by looking nice through branded coats, pants and other accessories; it is going to result in a disaster since it will be equivalent to a bitter toffee in a nice wrap. Once the wrap is removed, the toffee is going to give a bad taste anyway.


Try to get engaged in more and more projects.

If you really want to do task you will find a way to do it, if you don’t, you will find an excuse so grab more tasks; off course not at the cost of your family life. Try to meet expectation as much as possible. Done go to your boss with a problem without solution. Develop skills such as problem solving, analytical Skills and creativity. Be efficient, confident, sharp, and dynamic in your day to day life.


Be socially active, do not skip meetings.

Try to give your positive and optimistic opinion as much as you can. Say hello to everyone. Be enthusiastic, humorous and friendly. Do not miss any telephone calls. Avoid reacting. Treating everyone with equal respect, Avoid irritating negative comments. Build a vocabulary of positive words. Use and practice these again and again. Develop effective communications skills.


Physical appearance matters a lot.

Whether you are sitting in a meeting or walking in office or just working from your chair, you need to look CONFIDENT. Your posture should portray your confident personality. When you are meeting with someone, try to work on your First Impression. Ask yourself whether the person is going to call you a Decent chap? Rough? Polite? Nice or what?. Your way of handshaking, standing/sitting, smiling, eye contact, shoes, dressing, voice, physical fitness, remembering names matter a lot. Do you have old suits in your wardrobe? Get rid of them. Do you have old hair style for some time? Change it. Do you use same colors of clothes? Buy new. Do you talk too quietly or too loudly? Change your tone. article written by Junaid.Tahir. Remember, you don’t need to be in high end tuxedo for great impression, you can achieve the same by having a simple life style.


Live an ethical life .

Your personality should reminder others as a confident, honest, friendly, organized, creative, trust worthy and decent but mature person. Help others whenever it is required. Seek first to understand then to be understood. Don’t impose your decisions on someone. Listen emphatically. Listen more and speak less.


HARD WORK is definitely the key to success however you need to work on several aspects of your personality to move upwards on your professional ladder.

Always remember that consistency in your actions is critically important. Your inconsistent behavior is an indication of your non-predictive personality due to which people won’t trust you.