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You can’t afford to miss this technique while preparing for exams


There has been a lot of do’s and don’t when your exams are near. Everyone keeps on hammering you. The only word which you hear all around 24×7 from everyone is STUDY, STUDY , STUDY !! It becomes like a ghost for you. You become an alien for you sport buddies. Watching you friends play your favourite game and you’re stuck with books. These situations aren’t the one which you desired. You now kind of hate the books. You just want to go out and play. You just want to have fun. Studies are boring, aren’t they ?

Well if you feel so maybe my dear friend you’re on the wrong track

We have been listening from the great gurus of motivation. Do what you heart says. Follow you passion. Focus on the things which you Love and so on. And suddenly during the exam days the people around you become much more knowledgeable then those gurus. They tend to say that only thing important is to study. You’re left with the confusion of doing what you love or doing what others say you to do. Lets just admit that we all have been in such a situation. The question which keeps on bouncing is what is the way out ? How do I have Fun with my studies ? How Do I Stop them from study bombs ?

Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Open you eyes wide and just speak to yourself for a moment.

Well I’m not Baba Ramdev, I was just kidding ;). However doing this little exercise helps you relax a little, That’s It. All you need to do is, just follow these simple steps while preparing for exams and You’re great to go.

1) Make an Action Plan – Just divide your lengthy syllabus in small tit-bits.

2) Mix it with your Hobbies – Time your studies with your hobby breaks. Take breaks for few moments and do what you like.

3) The 48 Minutes Circle – A Research says that human mind can’t focus on one thing continuously for more than 48 minutes. So pause a moment or two. Go get a coffee, or listen to you favourite music. BUT do it for few moments only.

4) Be Religious – I’m not preaching you to Go to GOD and ask him to help you pass. All I mean is, to be religious in you studies. Always remember 15 hours of days with 15-20 breaks is much better than 15 continuous hours ūüėČ

5) Focus – Focus on the things you love, your favourite sports, music, movie etc. Always remember that if you flunk all these will be history ;). So catch up your books and Focus on studies.

6) Take Power Naps – Power naps of 5-10 minutes while studying is a great exercise to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. BUT just remember ONLY 5-10 MINUTES !!

7) Start from the overview – Always know beforehand what and how much your syllabus is and where to focus. While revising always first read the summary parts of the lessons. It will help you build the confidence.

Well following these simple steps, will surely help you achieve great results. So what are you waiting for, just go get your NIKE ( Just Do It ) but don’t forget the ADIDAS ( Imposibble is Nothing )

Do share your views and support us with your comments below. Happy Learning :).

Following the Instincts before preparation of examinations


How many times does it happen that you see your favourite question in an examination ? It gives a great sense of joy and boosts the confidence. It just sets the momentum which you need while writing an examination. Isn’t it wonderful ?
Just imagine what would happen if question after question in the exam is just what you prepared for. Sounds like a dream come true.

Well the point which i’m trying to make is about the POSITIVE VIBES which sets in after seeing such questions in question paper. It gives a great amount of CONFIDENCE while writing an examination.

Its all about following one’s one instincts. Many students ask me how to build confidence while preparing for exams. Well the answer is pretty simple. One should start studying from his favourite topics. Once the favourite topics jumps into the picture its all about the mind games.

Generally while revising before exams students take up the toughest topics first because they are scared of them. However after few hours of giving time in those “so called tough topics” they tend to miss the easy topics which they knew much better. Finally the result is they end up being short of time. They miss those topics which could have helped them score the marks which they desired. This is the PROBLEM which every student faces. However there are few who knew how to crack the CODE. How to score and be tension free. How to Get the Confidence Flowing. Its all about the Technique of following the instincts.

Its basic student psychology that he/she tends to feel more confident when they feel that they know what they are reading. Its very obvious that what you understand is very easy to grasp. same is the case with your favourite topics. When you read them, you feel like

Wow That’s pretty simple, I know that thing.

This is what gives you a great amount of confidence, which builds momentum to study further and the upcoming topics also tends to look easy. This is a great technique which helps one to create a wonderful study environment.

The Following are the steps which you should follow while preparing for an examination:

1) Follow your Instincts i.e List down the Topics which are you favourites.

2) Get an overview of the Syllabus i.e List down all the Topics.

3) Organize the syllabus into Favourites and Non-Favourites.

4) Start with your Favourite Topics first and few non favourite topics right after it, than again choose a fovurite one and then non favourite and so on.

5) Repeat the process and always remember to keep one favourite topic reserved to study at the time of winding up before exams ( It will make you feel that you know everything ūüėČ )

Still need something more to know folks ?

Well we’ll get back to that later, for now go on and try this awesome technique.

Always remember, there is no shortcut to success, but CONFIDENT PEOPLE have BETTER CHANCES of BEING SUCCESSFUL ūüėČ

So Buckle Up and Wish you Confident Studying. Do share your experience with our community. Let us know how much difference did it make to your way of learning.

The essence of Validation

A simple picture, yet a powerful message..!!


There used to be times, when things used to be believed on the basis of validation. Be it stamped documents, or pictorial witnesses, or handwritten proofs and so on. Everything was checked on the basis of available evidences. There used to be the sense of accuracy. There was preciseness in the jobs undertaken. Validation and evaluation aspect were the essence of the professionals.

People used to exhibit a Sense of PRUDENCE. Before believing anything they used to check the correctness of the things. It is also known as the process called “validation”. The fact and figures were evaluated to justify their correctness. The professionals used to exhibit their wisdom. They used to rely on their skill to arrive at a conclusion. Due to which the auditors were feared in many organizations. They used to possess an eagle’s eye. Their reputation and respect was at utmost high degrees.


However there is a huge satire in today’s world. People tend to believe what they hear or see. People fail to APPLY PRUDENCE” and judge its correctness. The process of Validation has been long foregone. There has been an environment of biased assumptions and disclaimers. The reputation and respect of the professionals have shivered a lot. Prudence and common sense seems to be very rare. And the application of prudence and common sense is even a rarer matter.

A true SCHOLAR is the one who believes NONE, but validates EVERYONE.

So be true to yourself. Evaluate and validate every aspect. Always remember there is no alternative to common sense and prudence. Have a Great Time ahead ūüôā


Opportunities and attributes of an entrepreneur

A great picture – Its a pleasure to elaborate! This picture provides a great source of motivation for this article. It provides a link to identify the opportunities and attributes of an entrepreneur.

Simple yet powerful symbols,

1) The areas of opportunities are vast like SEA. They are full of hidden treasures which one cannot imagine. The essence lies in exploring the sea of opportunities and grab the treasures. The treasures found by exploring the opportunities provides fruitful results.

2) An entrepreneur needs to SAIL(TO ACT) the seas. He must be ready act on opportunities. After identifying the areas of opportunities we must act as soon as possible to gain the valuable treasures. The faster we act, the more we tend to gain.

3) An entrepreneur needs to sail in his own boat(RESOURCES). The person must act within the constraint of his resources. One must analyse the available resources and act according to them. The most optimum use of the resources should be explored. The gain can be maximised only if the resources are used in an optimum way.

4) The FORTUNE tends to favour the brave. One needs to FOLLOW his HEART(Passion). The fruits of following one’s own passion are very remarkable. There’s never a fatigue in person pursuing his own passion. There always a sense of enthusiasm and zeal which pushes a person to achieve new heights.

5) One must act in a BOLD manner(Take Calculated RISKS). he must strive to be an ENTREPRENEUR (Freedom). The essence lies in pursuing one’s own passion with the available resources. The calculated risk approach helps to provide cushion in one’s own work. The rewards achieved are far more satisfying.


The simple yet effective messages embedded in this picture provides a good deal of thinking and link building. So think creative. Use the power of association.

Think Again !

Have a Great time ahead ūüôā


Your greatest charm, Keep calm


Lot of Wonderful messages embedded in this brilliant picture.

#Keepcalm  #Setyourgoals  #birdseyeview  #learncrush

One needs to perceive to conceive a great thought. We see a lot of things around us but we hardly notice the truth. Many times we fail to catch the messages which nature wants to give. here are a few messages embedded in the picture.

1) Set Your GOALS –¬†Know where you want to be. Decide what you want to achieve. Get driven by it. The best way is to spend some time with self and chalk it out. One needs to decide his various roles in life and set goals for them. One needs to decide the priorities and work on it.

2) Keep CALM ATTITUDE –¬†Your attitude defines your success. You need to OBSERVE the environment first. You need to notice the things with a CALM and COOL PERSPECTIVE. Lot of things can be managed if we manage our attitude wisely. Being good isn’t an attribute, it is a habit. Try the habit of calm attitude today and experience the difference.

3) Always EVALUATE –¬†Always evaluate your performances. It is necessary to know your direction. It lets us know whether we are right or wrong. Whether we are fast or slow. Are our Goals on Track. When we feel on the Peak, ask yourself a question Am I really on the PEAK?

4) BIRD’S EYE VIEW –¬†One needs to keep a close watch on everything. Opportunities and threats can be identified early only if you are on your toes. It helps to manage your resources well. It helps you to optimize them. Maintaining an eye of EAGLE on your resources will not only help you to grow but will open up the new avenues too.

5) DIGEST YOUR SUCCESS –¬†The most important one is to DIGEST ONE’S OWN Success. As is rightly said empty vessels make more noise. Be a champion. Be humble, cool and keep calm. Enjoy your success but prepare for the next milestone. Be an inspiration to others. Open up the path of your success.

Feel free to share your views, your ideas on this picture. Have a great Day.


Differently Abled Perspective


Well I take “GREAT PRIDE” in sharing this photo.

#DifferentlyAbled #Positiveattitude #Perspective

I was travelling through the metros of New Delhi, India. I Discovered something which read as “DIFFERENTLY ABLED”. Whoaahh !! is what clicked my mind, what a positive thought.

I Have been reading “for disabled people” at many places. I SALUTE to the person who WROTE this one. A Complete PARADIGM shift towards positive attitude and FINDING the POSITIVES. This is the perspective which we should look into, when¬†we look towards our life. A positive perspective changes the life.

Its all about carrying a positive attitude. When we take any decision we must consider it from different perspective. It helps us to evaluate the best possible solutions. It helps us to make optimum utilization of resources. It helps to make the learning process a proactive one rather then reactive one.

Be Positive, See all Perspectives.

Have a great time ahead.

Ask yourself a question today : Are you curious ?


Take a look at the picture, a beautiful combination of EXCELLENCE, DIVERSITY and CURIOSITY !

This picture is an great example of Photographer’s excellence, the click at a RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE i.e KNOWING YOUR JOB PERFECTLY and to UTILISE the available RESOURCES.

Diversity which is reflected by DIFFERENT COLOURS the combination of which makes a beautiful moment to click the picture, the same goes with CREATING A right mix of HUMAN RESOURCES and BUILD an EXTRAORDINARY TEAM.

And the best of all curiosity which is exmplefied by the Little girl, which MAKES THE MOMENT SO REALISTIC and PHOTOGENIC, i.e its necessary to ask the question to gain the complete knowledge !

So ask your self a question today : Are you curious ?

Do share with us , if you have other ideas and perspectives. Share,Like and Comment ūüėČ